Prof.Dr. Yaman TOKAT


More than 1.000 liver transplantations are performed in Florence Nightingale Organ Transplantation Center since 2004. Each year around 100 liver transplantations are performed. Professor Yaman Tokat and Professor Yildiray Yuzer with their more than 15 years of experience in the field of liver transplantation performed more than 800 live donor liver transplantations being number one in Europe.

They performed the first adult to adult living donor liver transplantation program,domino liver transplant,dual left lobe transplant and stem cell transplantation in Turkey.

Florence Nightingale Hospital in 2001, deserved to receive the JCI (Joint Commission International) certificate of qualification. Organ Transplantation Center has been established to continue and to move with the success of international standards. Liver Transplantation Center is registered in the database, of the European Liver Transplant society. Successful results, on behalf of our country are shared with other European countries. Florence Nightingale Hospital Liver Transplant Center, maintaining the distinction of being an academic and educational institution, providing certain requirements from the Ministry of Health, of Turkey. Florence Nightingale Hospital Liver Transplant center is The official training center for liver transplantation, which is one of the few centers of the country. Furthermore, applications are also accepted for the purpose of training of foreign organ transplants surgeons.

Organ transplant team are consisted of transplant surgeons, hepatologists, gastroenterologists, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists, coordinators and nurses.

This experienced team helping the patients not only in liver transplantation but also in diagnosis and treatment of all liver diseases, liver cancers and hepatobiliary diseases.