Swap transplantation is applied in patients without blood group compatible donors. People who wants to donate the peace of their liver, if the blood type is not compatible, come to the organ transplant center and prepared for swap transplantation. Some patients due to blood incompatibility they can not take liver from their own donors. Between the two pairs who are facing the same problem the donor and the recipient can be switched. This is called swap transplantation.

These pairs are informed to the goverment of health. In our country it is very difficult to find deceased organs for liver transplantation. Therefore, many patients are dying during the waiting period. Only 600 to 700 of these patients can have a chance to live with a liver transplantation. The average waiting time, unfortunately, is still very long. Swap transplantation is a method used for the recipients who have an incompatible donors. Our goal on this website, to bring incompatible couples together to exchange livers.

In swap transplantation the surgery for patients and donors begin at the same time, and the transplantation performed at the same time. For this procedure the patient with the live donor but incompatible blood groups must apply our center by the website and when we find a suitable organ for them we will get in touch with the family.

After all couples who register to our system the blood tests the liver weight and the liver anatomy is reviewed. All couples who registered in our system are examined and we find the liver most suitable for you. As a result of all investigations, under the supervision of a liver transplant coordinators eligible couples are combined with each other. After both familiy decided to be operated we made the final preparations.

If you have donor but also you are having the problem of blood group incompatibility you can reach us from Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital Liver Transplant Center or by filling out the application form on our website to apply for swap transplantation to save the lives of your family members.